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Seawall Repair & Maintenance

  • Seawall Inspection
  • Seawall Repair & Upgrades
  • Seawall Maintenance Programs
  • Serving all New York & Connecticut Coastal Communities

We provide inspection, repair, and upgrades to existing seawalls, as well as, seawall maintenance programs to ensure your home’s foundation remains in a safe condition. Seawall repair and maintainence could pay off ten fold, don’t hesitate to invest a small amount now to prevent costly major repairs later.

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Seawall Construction

  • Beach front Seawalls
  • Wood Seawalls
  • Concrete Seawalls
  • Bulkhead Construction
  • Beach front Bulkhead
  • Rock Placement
  • Tidal Erosion Control

Seawall Repair

  • Seawall Inspections
  • Seawall Repair
  • Concrete Pile Replacement
  • Corroded / Rusty Bolt, Hardware Replacement
  • Erosion Abatement
  • Rip Rap Placement

Seawall Permit Services

  • Emergency CDP Seawall Repair Permit
  • Coastal Seawall Permit
  • Bulkhead / Seawall Replacement Permits
  • Coastal Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
We work for one primary purpose and that is to offer the most efficient and useful services possible. Our goal is always to deliver our construction services in a manner that exceeds our client’s expectations. We always seek the most value for our clients and are proactive to find construction solutions that work for our clients so they are happy to recommend our company to friends and family. As part of our service we keep detailed records of our communications between engineers, architects, soils engineers, and city officials so we can keep our clients well informed of all ongoing phases of our work.
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